Factors to choose the wireless portable tire inflator

Factors to choose the wireless portable tire inflator

Wireless portable tire inflator is a SmartWare that uses compressed air to pump the tires of your cars, bikes, and bicycles. It can be utilized for the inflation of balls, air mattresses, and toys also. Due to the presence of a portable tire inflator, the job can be concluded quickly and efficiently. The best portable wireless tire inflator should be able to fit in your vehicle. The storage location should be easy to access at the same time in case of an emergency on the roadside. If you are looking to buy the best portable wireless tire inflator then you must look at the following factors.

Factors to Look for

Digital Gauges:

On the gauge, inflated pressure is displayed by the best portable wireless tire inflator. Some models are also available that show the information on the LCD screen. In the case of the traditional tool, pressure is displayed with the dial and needle gauge. However, a more precise rating can be obtained with the digital display. The screen must be backlit. So, it can be read in case of low light in the road also.

Shutoff Automatically:

The tire inflator should run till the time desired pressure is reached. It is a practical feature without any doubt. It is not possible to overinflate the tire. Therefore, possible chances of damages can be avoided with the automatic feature in the portable wireless tire inflator. Just fixing the tire inflator with the vehicle, you can do your job. There is no need to think about the bursting of the tire at all.

Inflation Speed:

It is always better to look for a wireless portable tire inflator that fills the air in your tire fast. Heavy-duty model connected with the battery terminal may be able to inflate tires quickly in comparison to the 12-volt outlet plugged devices. Good models usually take 3-4 minutes to pump air into the tire whereas the plug-in model may take about 10 minutes to fill the air.

Additional nozzle attachment:

The best portable wireless tire inflator can serve different kinds of purposes. If the model comes with multiple attachments then it will be good for the road as well as home appliances. It can be used for bicycle tires and also sports equipment in addition to car tires. Extra functionality is always good for SmartWare.


The handheld air compressor should be lightweight. As a result, it should be easy to carry. The weight should be over two and six pounds. Some smaller yet effective models weigh around one pound. The model may come with a handle. Carrying capacity and weight are important factors for a wireless portable tire inflator if the device is left within the vehicle.

Cord and Hose Length:

A long air hose and cord may enable the device to reach four tires in the case of a car at once. A portable tire inflator should come with 18 inches 26 inches hose. The power cord can be around 8 feet. However, small ones maybe a little shorter.


Portable inflators are usually loud. However, it often depends on the purpose and size. Loud noise from the tire inflator may be distracting and irritating. Therefore, you should choose a device that does not create harsh sounds. 

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