Types of Tire Inflators

Types of Tire Inflators


Diverse uses of compressed air can be seen. However, it is especially utilized for pumping air into a tire to maintain its pressure while traveling through the road. Compressed air can be easily obtained from the gas station or mechanics. In the household or daily life, an air compressor is generally utilized in the form of a wireless portable tire inflator. Various other types of tire inflators are available in the market also. Portable ones are always more helpful than others. Still, you must know about different types of tire inflators.

Requirement of tire infiltration can be felt for the cars, bicycles, and bikes on regular basis. In addition, a portable wireless tire inflator can be used for toys, balls, and mattresses also. By using an air compressor, issues can be solved also. However, it is always better to have a wireless portable tire inflator in hand.

Tire Inflator 

A tire inflator can be looked at as a type of air compressor that is mostly used for pumping up the car or bike tire. Due to pressurized gas use, the need for the strenuous removal of gas can be avoided. The tire can be filled with the right amount of pressure.

Different shapes and sizes can be seen with the tire inflator. If you use a small handheld or wireless portable tire inflator then it can easily fit in the boot of the car for emergency use. In the case of a large tire inflator, it cannot be kept within the car boot. However, it can fill air into the tire at a record speed. 

Types of Tire Inflator

Based on the usage, a tire inflator must be chosen from the market. The list of tire inflators available in the market should be checked. It is better to look at every possible option. Detailed research must be done on the products also.


Wireless tire inflator mostly comes in a portable form. Therefore, it is easy to use. Rechargeable batteries are usually attached to these smart wares. 120V and 12V adapters are added to the portable tire inflator also. Due to the availability of adapters and batteries, they can be charged while you are at your home or within your car. 

A portable tire inflator comes with several benefits. It has a highly powerful 2000mAh lithium-ion battery with certification to offer the best possible tire inflation whenever it is out of the air. In addition, it is a lightweight and portable device. Therefore, it may not be troublesome even if you have to hold the wireless portable tire inflator for a long time. The portable design of the tire inflator makes it possible to use with mere one hand comfortably. It is also equipped with a rechargeable air pump. Therefore, the device can last several air inflations.


Electrically charged air inflators have to be plugged within the socket at home. It may be more powerful in comparison to a 12V tire inflator. Quicker inflation of the tire is possible also. 

12V Tire Inflator

It is a compact device that can be carried around. Good performance is delivered by the 12V tire inflator.

A small portable tire inflator is better than a big one. Large tire inflators are also pricy. More caution should be taken while connecting a large tire inflator with the car battery.


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