Wireless Portable Tire Inflator and Importance of Tire Pressure

Wireless Portable Tire Inflator and Importance of Tire Pressure

If the tires are properly inflated then it becomes easier to drive. Due to underinflated tires, the adverse effect can be seen on the fuel economy. It may create an impact on the wallet. In addition, it can lead to premature tire tear also. In case the tire is not checked periodically then trouble can be encountered on the road. A tire pressure monitoring system can give you the warning to check the air pressure. Still, you have to wait for the time to arrive when the light from TPMS illuminates with 25% or below tire pressure. To stay safe, it is ideal to purchase a wireless portable tire inflator. Tire pressure can be checked easily and inflated without any hassle as well. 

Puncture or leaked tire should not be used as loss of 3 PSI leads to 1% more fuel usage. Tire wear can be increased by 10% at the same time. However, it is also not right to overinflate the tire. The ride can become rougher. More damage can be seen on the tire if it interacts with the potholes.

For the routine check-up of the tire, you can purchase a wireless portable tire inflator. In this way, you can make it a habit to check the tire pressure. Speculation of the tire pressure should be kept as close as to the recommendation of the manufacturer. By following a routine check-up of the tire, it can be kept in good condition for a long time. Fuel economy can be maintained at the same time.

How to know about the recommended PSI for a tire?

In the side doorjamb of the vehicle, a sticker is seen with the tire pressure recommendation. Therefore, close attention should be paid to these stickers. Based on the vehicle, a change in the recommendation can be seen for the front and rear tires.  

How to check tire pressure

  • In the beginning, you need to have a digital tire pressure gauge. In comparison to the standard tire pressure gauge, the digital gauge is more accurate. Wireless portable tire inflator comes with an in-built digital pressure gauge. Therefore, you need not worry at all.
  • Finding the recommended tire pressure, should be noted down.
  • Tire pressure should be checked when it is cold. Therefore, pressure should be checked at least 30 minutes after a ride. A heated-up tire may not show accurate tire pressure.
  • Valve stem cap should be kept safe. As a result, it should not be lost.
  • Pressing the pressure gauge on the valve system, reading can be seen. In the case of standard gauge, it should be checked at least 2-3 times for accurate rating.
  • If the tire pressure is lower than the recommendation then it should be inflated. On the occasion, you can use a wireless portable tire inflator
  • In the end, a valve stem cap should be installed.

A portable wireless tire inflator helps to manage tire pressure in a better manner. During inflation of the tire, pressure can be fixed beforehand. The tire inflator runs automatically after pressing the start button. Therefore, you do not have to worry at all.


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