Wireless Portable Tire Inflator Vs Traditional Tire Inflator

Wireless Portable Tire Inflator Vs Traditional Tire Inflator

wireless portable tire inflator is a lightweight option. If you want then it can be simply held in the hand also. It generally offers an easier and faster way to inflate a tire. Through a simple click, a tire can be inflated automatically in a blink.

What to do if the tire is flattened in the middle of the road at night? Should you call for a roadside service? Is it possible to walk miles to find a gas station or garage? If you have a wireless portable tire inflator in your emergency kit then you may not have to worry about these things at all. The riding experience is going to be smooth always. 

For a traditional tire inflator with a heavy air compressor pump, it may take ages to inflate the tire as it does not come with an in-built pressure gauge. As a result, you have to check the tire pressure constantly as the tire is inflated in the dark. Precious time and energy may be wasted to do so. It is frustrating to use rickety traditional air pumps as it never does the job properly whether it is used for bikes, tires, toys, mattresses, or balls. 

So, it is certainly time to say bye to these traditional tire inflators. Traditional tools are cumbersome and complicated. Therefore, you should use a high-performance-based multi-functional one like a wireless portable tire inflator. 

A portable wireless tire inflator is a SmartWare that can go up to 150psi while inflating tires and other types of inflatables. It is a powerful tool that can easily meet inflation needs. In mere few minutes, air can be pumped into the tire.

Detection of Pressure Level

A portable wireless tire inflator detects the pressure accurately. There is an in-built pressure gauge. If you connect the nozzle with the tire valve then it can display the pressure level automatically. Through the LED indicator, a more precise reading can be obtained. Even in the dark, real-time pressure can be seen effortlessly.

Preset Pressure Auto Stop 

During inflation of the tire, air pressure can be monitored easily. If you preset an air pressure then it can stop automatically at the exact number. In this way, overinflation of the tire can be avoided also. There is no need to stay close to the wireless portable tire inflator or monitor the air pressure. So, you can finish other work as a tire is being inflated.


Lightweight, compact, durable portable tire inflator is easy to carry around. A lot of storage space is not required to keep the device. It is even small enough to fit into the glove box. The storage compartment of the bike may be good enough also. The tool can be taken anywhere you go. The simple design of the wireless portable tire inflator makes it possible to handle with one hand. 

Quick Tire Inflation

The tire can be inflated in no time. Basketball can be pumped up in one minute. In the case of a tire, it may take a few minutes. Four tires of a car can be inflated easily. 

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